We have surrounded the Earth 5 times this cycling season

2016 has been a full sports season for our team and for the tens of thousands of people who enjoyed Sportainment by attending our events!

One of the most dynamic sports projects coordinated by MPG is the cycling system of events, Riders Club – www.ridersclub.ro. This year we traveled half of Romania and lived great outdoor adventures. The calendar included 12 cycling competitions in some of the most beautiful areas from Muntenia (Wallachia), Transylvania, Moldavia and Bucovina.

All of these races gathered more than 200,000 kilometers on the bike! And that is something to brag about… you can say that we have practically surrounded the Earth 5 times during the 2016 cycling season, from March until October!

The riders had the chance to discover country regions and stunning nature scenes, enjoy some of the most competitive races organized for amateur athletes, have some after race great moments and party with their family and friends and also meet new like-minded people.

We are most happy and satisfied to see that even from the youngest, aged 5 years, to the oldest rider – over 75 years old – people are purely loving the freedom of riding their bikes, scouring the plains and hills, the forests and mountain trails.

Now, we are preparing some new challenges for the 2017 calendar and all the news will be soon revealed on the official Riders Club page www.ridersclub.ro.

There are still some surprises left in the rabbit’s hat for this year’s end, so do stay active and check our websites!