Tones of fun in the biggest running community in Romania

We had a great year, with thousands of kilometers covered in different areas and forests of Romania and tones of fun! 28,000 kilometers to be precise and this is not rubble! This is a milestone reached by contestants running at our events.

But there is no doubt that 6 was our lucky number this season. 6,000 participants all around the country and from abroad enjoyed all 6 RUNFEST ( competitions organized in 2016, based on MPG’s Sportainment formula. Four of those contests gathered at the Start line more than 1,000 people eager to have a good run and make new wonderful memories. And we all know that RUNFEST events are offering a special environment for all participants and their beloved ones: best services supported by a professional team, great race tracks, all kind of benefits and good entertainment.

It is also important to appreciate that the number of women who chose an active lifestyle is increasing in our community. 45% women enjoyed competing at RUNFEST events while 55% of the runners were men. Even though most of the participants are under 35 years old, we are continuously encouraging people of all ages to practice sports and to have a healthy lifestyle. For now, only 5 per cent of runners are over 45 years but there is definitely a chance to improve this figure next year.

We celebrate the sports season’s ending with another achievement in our community of amateur athletes: RUNFEST reached 10,000 members!

Thank you all for enjoying sport with MPG team! We wish you Happy Holidays and please, stay fit!