Sport marketing

MPG is market leader for recreational sports, promoting sport activities as a great way of spending spare time and maintaining health. We put a lot of work and soul and had a tremendous time during the last 8 years. And in all 2,500 sport events implemented so far we succeeded in sharing the joy of sport with thousands of people.

Event management

MPG is a true event master specialized in creating, implementing and coordinating sport events addressed to amateur athletes. The company’s agenda includes more than 700 sport events per year. Also, we like to brag about offering wonderful moments for sport teams of more than 100 medium and large companies.

Personalized events

MPG delivers a complete sport event perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you choose to offer your employees a tennis tournament or a football, bowling or karting championship, MPG is your best choice! Our team is made of professionals who share the same passion for sport and the dedication for making events memorable.

Sport events timing

The best timing services are now available at any sport event! MPG is the official Partner of MYLAPS in Romania, the company that invented automatic sports timing and became the world leader in capturing the performance. We offer you the possibility to record lap times, determine results, collect and publish the performance data.

Emotion in action

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The magic of sports

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