The ultimate adventure to conquer the wild Carpathians

The ultimate mountain bike adventure is here and will push everyone’s limits! Three race stages with incredible challenges, 157 kilometers of riding through amazing scenery and 5,750 meters of climbing, all for conquering one of the last genuinely wild regions in Europe in a 4-day event: CARPATHIAN MTB EPIC! It’s Wild, it’s Rugged and it’s EPIC. This EPIC adventure, organized … Read More

Tones of fun in the biggest running community in Romania

We had a great year, with thousands of kilometers covered in different areas and forests of Romania and tones of fun! 28,000 kilometers to be precise and this is not rubble! This is a milestone reached by contestants running at our events. But there is no doubt that 6 was our lucky number this season. 6,000 participants all around the … Read More

We have surrounded the Earth 5 times this cycling season

2016 has been a full sports season for our team and for the tens of thousands of people who enjoyed Sportainment by attending our events! One of the most dynamic sports projects coordinated by MPG is the cycling system of events, Riders Club – This year we traveled half of Romania and lived great outdoor adventures. The calendar included … Read More

2016 – Passion, sport & joy

We had a great time this year because we played every game with passion, ran or biked every race with joy and had the time of our lives! MPG has a 700 events agenda per year, from January to December, and offers to all sport lovers a wide range of choices within its projects: cycling, running, tennis, football, basketball, corporate … Read More

A new & complex web for RUNFEST community

2016 offered a great start for our RUNFEST community of amateur runners. In the spring, we launched a new website – – based on a modern, full service and easy to access IT platform. Our purpose was to fulfill all users’ needs in order to enjoy a modern website designed especially for running events with lots of facilities included. … Read More

A Full Sports Agenda All Year Round

MPG reached 700 events per year, offering a full sports agenda from January to December. You can choose to play tennis and become a full time member of Tenis Partener and also register your children in the Tenis10 system. You can also be a proud rider, enjoying more than 10 mountain bike marathons per year. If you and your colleagues … Read More

5 Reasons You Need to Sport Up Your Life

A quick list of 5 straightforward reasons that should get you up & moving: 1. Your health gets great benefits from any physical activity! Your annual medical check will be just a breeze. And if your health is good so is your life! 2. Happiness! Sure you’ve heard about those tiny endorphins that are released in the brain after you … Read More

Hello World!

We’re back with an all new online platform! Now, you can easily discover our unique vision about sports and accept our invitation to… Sportainment! Stay up to date with our events and be the first to find out what we plan in the near future. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook: