A new & complex web for RUNFEST community

2016 offered a great start for our RUNFEST community of amateur runners. In the spring, we launched a new website – www.runfest.ro – based on a modern, full service and easy to access IT platform. Our purpose was to fulfill all users’ needs in order to enjoy a modern website designed especially for running events with lots of facilities included. We think we’ve got it just right!

Here are the main features of www.runfest.ro:
– Free account which offers you the possibility to manage event registrations, fee payments etc.;
– 6 unique running events, easy to subscribe to, organized in some very popular forests near the Capital of Romania, in urban green spaces or in some renowned places like National Arena in Bucharest;
– Personal profile that includes 3 sections: your runner profile with personal data & photo; a running ID useful in managing your registration; statistics tracking your races history and performances;
– Ability level, meaning that athletes can compete a race based on their training level: Amateur – 2 or Elite – 1;
– Subscription or pass which offers you access to 2 or 4 races at minimum fee no matter when you subscribe to an event during the open registration period;
– Rankings which can be general based on every runner’s time or based on competition categories;
– Online diploma, you can download any time after the competition;
– Special offers from Running Warehouse Europe or other partners and event sponsors;

In 2016, RUNFEST calendar includes 6 running events:

– RACE to NATURE Trail & Family Run – Cernica Forest, Bucharest – the 17th of April;
– Gabriela Szabo RUNFEST – Bistrita – the 7th of May;
– URBATLON – National Arena, Bucharest – the 11th of June;
– Bucharest After9Cross – Titan & IOR Parks – the 22nd of July;
– Bucharest Fox Trail Half Marathon – Baneasa Forest – the 28th of August;
– Fuga pe ulita / Run the street – a Romanian cross in Herastrau Park – the 19th of November.

See you at the next aventure! @ www.runfest.ro